One Piece Card Game Starter Decks [ST-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20] (Pre-Order 25th Oct 2024)

Which Deck?: ST-15 Edward Newgate (Red)
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GST included


Pre-Order, Release Expected 25th of October 2024

Bring to life Shonen Jump's One Piece with cards inspired by the iconic characters and stories from the world's best selling Manga! 

Six different coloured Starter Decks - ST-15 to ST-20 - being released simultaneously!

These decks feature Leaders Red Newgate, Green Uta, Blue Doflamingo, Black Smoker, and Yellow Kataku, who have all appeared in previous series. The simple Leader effects and colour characteristics of these decks make these ideal products for newcomers to the ONE PIECE CARD GAME!

Each deck contains 5 cards featuring new text! You can add these 5 new cards to an existing battle style to evolve your strategy!

Each deck also contains 1 Premium Booster Pack [PRB-01], which features reprints of popular cards from past booster packs! Even newcomers can strengthen their decks and enhance their ONE PIECE CARD GAME experience!


  • Constructed Deck ×1 (51 cards)
  • DON!! Card x10
  • Playsheet x1
  • Premium Booster Pack [PRB-01] x1

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