Paradox Rift Pre-Release

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that we're an official play store? Woo! This weekend will be our first ever Pokémon Pre-Release event! We're so excited and look forward to everyone coming in to try out the newest set, Paradox Rift. Saturday the 28th! 

All ages welcome are welcome but there is a 12 Player Cap, Registration will cost $45 Please come in store to register and secure a spot! Bring your trainer ID with you. Click Here to go to our Facebook event!
Each Player will receive a pre-release kit to start. With this kit, you will build a 40 card deck including Energy Cards. Non-energy cards for the deck must be from the pre-release kit given to you. Each player will receive a minimum of 3 booster packs at the end of the event!
Extra Energy will be provided by us if you ask for it. Please bring your own Game Mat, Game Sleeves and Damage Dice. Damage Dice can be provided by the store, but we ask you return them at the end of the event. 
Once again, thank you to all of our customers! We look forward to this Pre-Release being the first of many! Please remember to register! To those who have read this far, use the code EEBLOG5 at checkout to get 5% off an order!