Official Game Store!

Hi Everyone!

There's some big news with this post! Everson Emporium is now an official League organiser for the Pokémon TCG! We will be hosting our first games for both TCG and VG on Saturday the 8th of July, and then over following Saturdays there will be more games! Check out our events on Facebook for more information. Pokémon TCG & VGC League Day Click Here!

To celebrate this, we have put a few things on sale! Crown Zenith Morpeko V-Union Boxes are down from $79.95 to $65.95 and Cyclizar EX boxes are down from $43.95 to $36.95! There's a few more little special sales, but most are in-store only so come on in and have a look!

In future news, Scarlet and Violet Obisidian Flames is on track to release in August and to be followed by Scarlet and Violet 151 in October! Looking forward to those!