One Piece Card Game The Three Brothers Ultra Deck Display [ST-13] ( ETA 19-Apr-24)

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GST included


Win from your very first game with this super strong Starter Deck! The ST-13 deck aims to increase the number of players by giving existing and new players the opportunity to start winning games right away!

- The card lineup focuses on the bond between the three brothers—Luffy, Sabo, and Ace—along with their allies! It has a strong synergy with Booster Pack 6!

- The English version of ST-13 comes with a BONUS PACK that includes 3 alt-art cards out of 16 variations! All specifications of the BONUS PACK's are Holo + Texture Foil, and are all Parallel versions of cards in ST-13.

- Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
- DON!! Card x10
- Playsheet x1
- Card Case x1
- BONUS PACK x1 (3 cards)

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